magic amulet

this is an idea that was a long time in my head –
recently it was time to do a really quick prototype…

the target date was MakerFaire Hannover 15. & 16.09.2018.
I was already in Hannover from Thursday on as i -again- had registered as Volunteer to help..
this first iteration came finally together at Friday Night in the Youth-hostel…
my goal was to eventually show case it on the Fair 😉

it is designed with my fantasy magician character Guardian of Light (Hüter des Lichts)  in mind..
but could easily be adapted to all other kind of (fantasy) characters…
next step for this is to design a high-density LED board so i have more options to play with colors..
then change the CAD accordingly (one big change is to update the acrylic-glass thickness to 1,5mm) and then build a second iteration.

the PCB is tracked in the LEDBoard_1x4_16bit_highdensity repository.
the construction files for the amulet itself can be found in the magic_amulet repository.

it contains four layers of acrylic glass – each with a separate engraving.
with this concept i can play with the 3d-effect and different colors for the different layers..
the acrylic glass can be easily changed to switch the graphic.