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older things:

  • actual soldering 🙂
    this morning i did a last test-run with the tweaked Felder ISO-Cream profile: yeah… at the top i thought it is in the cooling step already and opened the window – with ~3°C cold air from outside it dropped fast..then i found it is in the middle of the reflow – sorry… and closed the window again – until it really switched to cooling.. the old left-over pcb i use for these is done now.. i comes from my LEDBoard_4x4_16bit project – and if i remember correctly i backed it with the assembled board in the oven multiple times back… Continue reading actual soldering 🙂
  • Testing & Tuning the PID
    for tuning i followed more or less the tutorial PID Without a PhDfrom Tim Wescottand the tutorial and video from PID Explained Team. first i just checked with low temperatures of 20..40°Cas i went on and tested up to 260°C i noticed that the current did decrease. and the temperature did not increase any more.i could see this in my graph as the heating got slower and slower with the rising temperature… (also the pid already saturated at the output..) so i measured the resistance during the cool down of the heating elements to get some insights:(4x in series →… Continue reading Testing & Tuning the PID
  • progress..
    there was a response to my request in the forum..and hw & sw basics done..
  • the idea & planing
    the idea came from this Applied Science Video:Electroluminescent paint and multi-channel control circuit21 Nov 2018 starting at 11:25 there is a link to amazon for a element – and it is not available to delivery to germany 🙁so i went on with some help of friends and found dimensions voltage power current resistance (guess) power@6V power@ 9V power@ 12V power@24V link 70mm x 15mm 12V 70W 5,8A 2,06R 17W 39W 70W 280W HALJIA 12V 70W Wired MCH Metal Ceramic Heating Plate Heating Element 70mm x 15mm 70mm x 15mm 24V 110W 4,6A 5,2R 7W 15,6W 27W 110W Haljia 24V 110W… Continue reading the idea & planing
  • HotPlate SMD soldering
    Build a Hot-Plate / Heating-Element based reflow tool for SMD PCB soldering. all the details are in the Project Logs:show all posts for this project Hardware heater Haljia 24V 110W Wired MCH Metal Ceramic Heating Plate Heating Element 70mm x 15mm power supply MeanWell GST280A48-C6P (uuhh – that is underpowered for bigger pcbs…) recom R-78HB50-05 VIN: 9-72V VOUT: 5V heat power switching IRLB4030PBF – MOSFET N-LogL 100V 180A BC 550C temperature sensor Adafruit MAX31855 Thermocouple breakout board Thermocouple Type-K Glass Braid Insulated – K controller PyBadge other things 3M Polyimide Film Tape 5413 (shop) cooling ToDo: description of used Hardware… Continue reading HotPlate SMD soldering
  • Folded Paper Star
    in the days around Silvester i learned how to fold a 3 dimensional paper-star 🙂 and now i just share / document how it is done – also as reminder for myself 😉
  • Vegane Elisenlebkuchen
    schon seit ein paar tagen wollte ich gern mal ausprobieren Vegane (Elisen) Lebkuchen zu backen. 🙂
  • Belt Braiding / Gürtel Flechten
    letzte Woche habe ich mich im Gürtel flechten probiert..last week i tried to braid a belt..
  • Magic Crystal
    Ein Magisch Funkelnder Bergkristall – Welch Wundervollen Energien er wohl beherbergt?
  • sensing light
    for my trip to MPS Dortmund i got my magic_crystal to work and be mounted in my staff 🙂..last minute thing as usual 😉it worked nicely – i did not had to change the batteries – and this for a 4 days festival!
  • battery run time?!
    how do you measure or calculate battery run time for a real project?just let it run and measure the time!
  • my magic crystal is alive 🙂
    in the last days i managed to finish the porting of the Animation – from originally CircuitPython to now Arduino/C++ (have a look at
  • Magic Crystal WIP
    Einen Magischen Kristall zu bauen ist eine kleine Herausforderung 😉zumindest wenn man seinen Ideen folgt… hier ein Zwischenstand: Die 8×8 Matrix Leuchtet schon mal echt schön –mal sehen ob ich demnächst ein Video davon gebastelt bekommen – es gibt inzwischen auch schon eine art ‘Plasma’ Animation..
  • Hüter des Lichts
    lass dich verzaubern von der Magie der Phantasy…
  • Hüter des Lichts in Nürnberg
    Gegrüßt seist du mein Freund,ich lade dich ein –für einen Moment –lasse dich verzaubernvon der Magie der Fantasie –aus ferner Zeit und Welt –bin ich hier her gereist –und möchte dir gerne Berichten –was ich erlebt auf meiner letzten Reise…
  • magic amulet
    this is an idea that was a long time in my head –recently it was time to do a really quick prototype…
  • BreadBoardBox
  • POV 30RPS
    and now we are up to 30RPS (=1800 RPM) just with a little bit of balancing the rotor 😉
  • POV simple tests
    POV = Persistence Of Vision
  • ortogere
    i have a new project idea.. its called ‘ortogere’ ortogere – ‘magical’ device – similar to a compass designed as prop for theater & storytelling & LARP
  • Sonne / Sun ‘V2’
    EN: My sun reached the next evolutionary phase 🙂 the new back-structure and the new diffusor are done. this evening i got it finally reassembled fully 🙂
  • Licht-Kunst-Projekt ‘Sun’
    alternativer Name: ‘LEDBoard Layout Sun’
  • Lumifluidus
    Eine Dunkle Wasserfläche langsam tauchen Leuchtende Kugeln auf- gemütlich auf dem Wasser treibend plötzlich eine Welle aus Fabe und Licht sichtbar gemacht durch die Leucht-Bälle. Willkommen am Licht-Kunst-Projekt ‘Lumifluidus’
  • Lumifluidus
    Hallo Lieber Besucher 🙂 aktuell habe ich noch keine weiteren Informationen über mein Projekt ‘Lumifluidus’ hier auf meiner Website.. das änderst sich hoffentlich demnächst noch 😉 unter den Projekten findet man schon mal den Beschreibungstext…
  • 2ChControl
    this is a short overview of a project i have started 2012.