Folded Paper Star

Folded Paper Star

in the days around Silvester i learned how to fold a 3 dimensional paper-star 🙂

and now i just share / document how it is done – also as reminder for myself 😉

i have created a git repository with this instruction.
there are also some analyzes and experiments to understand what part of the sheet are ending on what part of the star tips.
that is the base for ideas how to map images to the tip-sides…
but for now i leave this as is…

i think it is easily possible to complete this in about 2h.

fold base part

we need this part 30x

the paper has to be square – i used 140mm length on each side –
this way you can cut two peaces out of a DIN-A4 sheet.

assembly one tip

now use three of the base parts to create a tip.
only after you have interweaved all three the structure is stable.
before this they easily come apart again..

in the same way you can now prepare in total 4 tips.

assembly ring with five tips

now with two tips and * base parts you can form a ring of five tips
we need a total of two rings (one for bottom and one for top)

final assembly

now we can prepare for the final assembly.
for this use the 10 base parts left.
and combine pairs of them.

now we can do the final assembly.

and finally done 🙂

Folded Paper Star