HotPlate SMD soldering

Build a Hot-Plate / Heating-Element based reflow tool for SMD PCB soldering.

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ToDo: description of used Hardware and why i choose what…




  • update CircuitPython to at least v7.0.0
  • ​copy all the needed files to your CircuitPython drive.
  • create profile that fits your needs and copy to drive.


  • power up controller
  • power up psu for heating
  • connect serial terminal (GTKTerm)
  • connect and setup plotting tool (SerialPlot)
  • in the serial terminal you have a basic menu with some options..
  • tune your PID for your setup
  • select profile to use with *pn* or the hardware *Select* button
  • click on the hw *start* button
  • in the serial terminal the profile configuration is shown
  • start reflow cycle with a click on hw *start* button
  • wait…
  • if finished the plot should stop automatically (no data is send)
  • save plot
  • click on *start* to confirm and get back to standby state


ToDo: describe how the software works

enable second CDC-device

Open Points

  • add housing
    • i would like to have class at the top for a good view what is happening inside..
  • metal frame for heating-elements
  • quite 5V fan with PWM control for cooling
  • add second temperature sensor
  • spring thing to hold board down
  • way to fix sensor position on board
  • more heating elements for bigger working area
    • switchable configuration for long or more square pcbs?!
  • bigger power supply ?! (~750W)
  • fix short heating powerup on microcontroller reset