my magic crystal is alive :-)

in the last days i managed to finish the porting of the Animation – from originally CircuitPython to now Arduino/C++ (have a look at

now – if my measuring is correct – i get 120FPS – and that without any optimizations – all calculations are floating-point and trigonometry… ­čÖé

open points & nice to heave & feature requests are:

  • add ambient-light-sensor
  • more control over the color&brightness gradient
    (implement full gradient concept ?!)
  • remote control for color hue & brightness
    (for sync with other props)
  • add sparkling effect
  • add short flash effect
  • add temperature sensor
    (at full brightness & white & with the current animation – the heat-sinks are reaching ~60┬░C at 23┬░C ambient… and that is with already limited power of the LEDBoards themselves…)

the overall next step is to mount it into my staff. if i have finished this, i can tweak the rest…

more to follow..