sensing light

Magic Crystal controller

for my trip to MPS Dortmund i got my magic_crystal to work and be mounted in my staff 🙂
..last minute thing as usual 😉
it worked nicely – i did not had to change the batteries – and this for a 4 days festival!

now after some time doing other things – today i got to work again on the crystal.
First thing on the list is to add the ambient-light sensor. so the crystal brightness is automatically adjusted for the ambient-light level around it –
this makes it more visible during day and dims it down so its not blinding when the sun goes down..

as the github issue states i had a Adafruit Breakout with the TSL2591 sensor laying around i want to use for this.

during the ‘off day’ in Dortmund i got to prepare the software a little bit.
But before i got to check and test this i solder a short connection cable and modified my ‘controller-housing’ (stiff black paper) with a acrylic glass window on the top (see top picture)

i tested first with the example sketch – just to verify my connections..
this worked – so the next step is to write the actual software
but first i need to get some sleep 😉