battery run time?!

magic_crystal Timelapse Runtime Test

how do you measure or calculate battery run time for a real project?
just let it run and measure the time!

that is how i did it for my magic_crystal
i had no real idea how long this would take… so i setup a test with a time-lapse camera (computer + webcam) and just let it run…

you can see the setup in the top picture – and i have converted the images (total: 4272+5710+1983 = 11965 images / 8,9+13,6+5,3 = 27,8 GB) to a ‘short’ video clip: (TODO done:11.05.)

it did run for about ~32h (12h + 16h + 5h). that is great!!
will be less if i change the brightness so its better visible in daylight.. but should be fine for more than two days normal usage…

and if i would really want i could process the files with openCV to extract the readings of the multimeter to graph the battery-voltage over time.. but that is for another time ­čśë