the idea & planing

the idea came from this Applied Science Video:
Electroluminescent paint and multi-channel control circuit
21 Nov 2018
starting at 11:25

there is a link to amazon for a element – and it is not available to delivery to germany 🙁
so i went on with some help of friends and found

power@ 9Vpower@ 12Vpower@
70mm x 15mm12V70W5,8A2,06R17W39W70W280WHALJIA 12V 70W Wired MCH Metal Ceramic Heating Plate Heating Element 70mm x 15mm
70mm x 15mm24V110W4,6A5,2R7W15,6W27W110WHaljia 24V 110W Wired MCH Metal Ceramic Heating Plate Heating Element 70mm x 15mm
40mm x 40mm12V48W4A3R12W27W24W192WHaljia 12 V48 W Wire MCH Metal Ceramic Heating Plate Heating Element 40 mm x 40 mm
40mm x 40mm24V96W46R24W13,5W48W96WHaljia 24 V96 W WIRED MCH Metal Ceramic Heating Plate Heating Element 40 mm x 40 mm

to get an idea of how much power i actually need i had a look at the small commercial IR-Heaters and Hot-Plates –
they all have about 800W:

180mm * 235mm = 42300 mm² = 423 cm²
a = 60mm * 60mm = 3600 mm² = 48 cm (1x4)
b = 60mm * 80mm = 4800 mm² = 48 cm (2x2)
c = 60mm * 90mm = 5400 mm² = 54 cm² (1x6)
d = 60mm * 120mm = 7200 mm² = 72 cm² (1x8)
e = 120mm * 60mm = 7200 mm² = 72 cm² (2x4)
f = 120mm * 90mm = 10800 mm² = 108 cm² (2x6)
g = 120mm * 120mm = 14400 mm² = 144 cm² (2x8)

423 cm² == 800W
1 cm² == x

x = 800W *   1cm² / 423cm² = 1,89W
a = 800W *  36cm² / 423cm² = ~68W (1x4) 
b = 800W *  48cm² / 423cm² = ~91W (2x2) 
c = 800W *  54cm² / 423cm² = ~102W (1x6)
d = 800W *  72cm² / 423cm² = ~136W (1x8)
e = 800W *  72cm² / 423cm² = ~136W (2x4)
f = 800W * 108cm² / 423cm² = ~204W (2x6)
g = 800W * 144cm² / 423cm² = ~272W (2x8)

30x40mm: ~23W/module
60x15mm: ~17W/module

then i calculated the resistance of the found element to check on what wattage i can do at what voltages:

U = R*I
P = U*I
→ P = U*(U/R)

(i added these *guesses* in the table above)

So I decided to go with the 70x15mm 24V model.
and will update here if i found how this works out..

and for the first test setup i will go with the concept
12V→ 27W / module
so definitive more then enough..

as power supply i will use a MeanWell GST280A48-C6P
(reichelt) with an fitting connector (reichelt)
to get a 5V for the controller i will go with a recom R-78HB50-05 (VIN: 9-72V)
and for switching the power to the heating elements i will use IRLB4030PBF – MOSFET N-LogL 100V 180A 370W 0,0043R TO220AB
and to drive this a BC 550C as mentioned in this nice article:
Schalten und Steuern mit Transistoren III РMit MOSFETs h̦here Str̦me schalten
for temperature measurement i use a Adafruit Universal Thermocouple Amplifier MAX31856 Breakout with an Thermocouple Type-K Glass Braid Insulated – K
and have the plan to use a Melexis IR thermometer
i have ordered a MLX90614ESF-BAA-000-TU
i hope that with this i can precisely track the surface temperature..

so when all the parts arrive i can go on.. with building.

for the Controller i plan to write it in CircuitPython and run it on an adafruit (maybe ItsyBitsyM4) PyBadge
for now i just want to use the arduino serial plotter or similar with an second CDC-device enabled to log the progress and the flash-drive function of CircuitPython for a text-file with the temperature-profile.
i have written a request in the adafruit CircuitPython forum if there are any PID controller things out there…